Things to Consider When Designing Your Garage

Things to Consider When Designing Your Garage

Everyone can appreciate a garage. But people don’t often put much thought into designing their own one. It’s just a place to start a car and some tools, right? Just get the builders to make a basic, run-of-the-mill garage. Why put too much thought into it?

A garage is a great addition to a home if you want to increase its value. It’s famously difficult to sell a property worth over £500k without adequate parking. A garage instantly solves that issue. But to bump up the likelihood of someone buying the property, a garage should also be filled with potential. And this potential shouldn’t just be considered for buyers. If you’re planning on staying on the property for a long time, you have to design it with your own future in mind, too.


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Space is probably the most important thing to think carefully about. There are a few reasons for this. Sure, you want to be able to fit your car in there and maybe some tools and a workstation. Maybe some space for miscellaneous storage, too. But what if you get another car? Or replace your current car with another?

If you’re relatively young and you’re buying a home with your partner, you may want to remember that the possibility of children is on the horizon. That could mean buying a bigger car than the one you currently have. Trading your two-seater for a family hatchback means you will require more space. If you haven’t considered this when designing the garage, you’ll have to leave the hatchback parked outside!

With this in mind, you’ll also need to be careful with the garage doors. It’s unlikely you’ll get garage doors installed that won’t allow entry for bigger vehicles. (Unless you’re looking to get a monster truck for your school runs and family days out. Which you should really think about because that sounds great.) But you will need to consider what garage doors you can get when you’re designing the structure. In fact, once you’ve decided what you want to do with the space itself, the garage doors may be the next most important thing to consider. Building the garage based on what the available doors allowed is common practise.


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Something else to consider: your garage’s potential to be converted into living space. Maybe at some point you won’t need your car anymore, or maybe you’ll decide to park it elsewhere. Your garage could then become a new room. A guest bedroom, maybe. You will need to think about this potential when you’re designing it. For example, you’ll need proper insulation if you plan on turning it into living space. Getting the walls insulated during this initial building stage will save you a lot of money later on.

You’d also want to consider things like windows or additional facilities. Having a bathroom installed is possible, but it would be pretty expensive and might be too extreme a step if you’re not sure you’ll ever stop using it just for car storage. Having said that, another bathroom on your property is always welcome, right?

The decisions you make now will affect the garage’s livability in the future, as well as the value of your property. Don’t underestimate the power of the garage!

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